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Example Document: VoIP Service Upgrade Proposal

Being the barrier between IT vendors and your superiors is an often difficult, however, critical skill to learn for anyone in the tech profession. Apart from deciding what products your company requires, budgets, and the allotted timeframe you have to work with, your main task is to decipher […]


IT Move Schedule v.2

After meeting with our IT team, I have further expanded the previous IT Move Schedule to include detailed tasks for each step of the process. While adding dates and additional objectives to this schedule will be an ongoing project, I feel that what we came up with is […]

IT Move Schedule

Time sure does fly when you are busy. We are now less than a month away from moving to our larger location! With this building upgrade, an entirely new and updated IT infrastructure will be constructed, consisting of new hardware, software, vendors, and procedures. With any project, creating […]