Category: Group Theory

Tech Tuesday: #2

I just finished my second Tech Tuesday here at work and can already tell that we are making progress on many fronts. For a quick summary of what we discussed today, here are some tasks that I need to complete this week. Tickets Last Tuesday, I mentioned how […]


Imposter Syndrome

You may have heard of or experienced first-hand the effects of imposter syndrome, regardless of your career. Defined as the psychological experience in which a person questions their skills, accompanied with a consistent fear of being exposed as a fraud, imposter syndrome wreaks havoc on your mental state […]

Tech Tuesdays

Today, we held our first ever Tech Tuesday since we moved to our larger location. Due to the busy schedule as of late, we haven’t been able to pay much attention to new IT projects and issues. Now that the move is pretty much complete, we will hold […]

Personal Branding

Personal branding, in my opinion, is the method of influencing those around you with your attention to detail, work ethic, business practices, social interactions, and what you bring to the table. Your brand can consist of projects you have designed, scripts you have built, operations you have streamlined, […]