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Sample Network Documentation Template

Documenting a network is an essential job as it explains how the network is created, functions, and provides detailed instructions on how to troubleshoot problems, implement upgrades, and provide the proper blueprints needed for future network expansions. It should describe every section of the network in a simple […]


Home Internet Options

  When setting up a home internet network, there are several options one can use in accomplishing this. The first option would be to use a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). It is the most widely used form of internet access. It offers higher speeds than by just using […]

Ethernet Types

            Ethernet has been had numerous form since the start of the early 1970’s. The IEEE standard of the Ethernet is known as 802.3. The many variations of the Ethernet use different types of speeds and are compatible with each other. Standard Ethernet transmits at 10Mbps, Fast Ethernet […]