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Ethical Hacking

Hacking, in most minds, is an illegal or unauthorized intrusion into a computer, system, or network; this action is often performed in the goal of obtaining sensitive information, stealing funds, or merely inflicting damage. However, hacking can be used in other ways as well, deterring unauthorized hackers while […]

Scalable 2-Step Verification Solutions

2-step verification solutions provide an often-necessary extra layer of security for a variety of login processes, including software and web-based credential verifications. While 2-step verification enhances security for a single user, how does one manage the logins for multiple users/accounts? Let me provide an example. Let’s say you […]

Cryptojacking Defined

Cryptojacking is unlike many of the more common forms of cyberattacks, in that it doesn’t steal your data or hold your network/device for ransom. Instead, cryptojacking commandeers your hardware to be used to mine cryptocurrency. Cryptomining is defined as the process of solving complicated problems to verify digital […]


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