Category: Security

10 Tips for Protecting your Online Presence

Living in a world integrated with technology, your online presence is just as significant as your real-world identity. Whether you are applying for a credit card, interviewing for a position, or just posting memes on Facebook, what you do on the internet (and what others do to you […]


Operation Sharpshooter- Critical Infrastructure Cyberattack

A recent global campaign targeting defense, financial, energy, and nuclear companies has been discovered. Dubbed ‘Operation Sharpshooter,’ a group of hackers targeted critical infrastructure using an advanced malware/social engineering attack. Per Ryan Sherstobitoff and Asheer Malhotra of McAfee, “this campaign, Operation Sharpshooter, leverages an in-memory implant to download […]

Amazon’s Data Breach

It looks like there is another massive corporation making headlines this morning due to a security breach. While Facebook, as of late, has been stealing the show with its vulnerabilities, Amazon, earlier this morning, has been sending out notoriously brief emails regarding a technical error that exposed the […]