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8×8 Virtual Contact Center: The Build

Our company finally agreed to move forward with upgrading our 8×8 VoIP service! We managed to reduce the price somewhat, but the $1500 setup fee is still existent. Our first implementation phone call is next week, so I am busy building out everything I can to prepare. We […]


Zendesk Build 2.0

As mentioned before in a previous post, Separating/Viewing Sales vs. Customer Service Tickets in Zendesk, my current task has been rebuilding Zendesk into a simplified and efficient sales vs. service ticket routing system. Our new VoIP system has already been configured to place sales and service calls into […]

8×8: Fine-Tuning

The new IT system is running on all cylinders, leaving an extensive list of ‘phase two’ items to be completed. Today, our new VoIP system 8×8 is my top priority. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been in constant communication with 8×8 representatives to solve a […]