Domain Scams: A Chain is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Link (Pun Intended)

In today’s world, pretty much every business has online customer interaction; due to this, cybercrime is rising, and phishing attacks are growing at a rapid pace in sophistication and usage. For this post, I am going to talk about domain name scams, primarily typosquatting, where an unaffiliated individual […]


Facebook’s Cryptocurrency: Libra

In the midst of troubled and volatile political scandals, Facebook is now expanding its global domination by taking on one of the most unpredictable industries, cryptocurrency. Facebook’s Libra, is initially designed to provide banking solutions to those without, but at its heart, it is merely an attempt to […]

Weekend Projects

Over the weekend, we decided to finish up a few tasks around the office. While many of the more significant projects are complete, there are still plenty of finishing touches that need attention, such as wire management, installing ducting on our server rack, and hooking up a few […]