Preventive Server Maintenance Plan

            When in charge of the preventive maintenance of a company’s servers, there are numerous areas one must cover to ensure its proper operation. First, the hardware of the network must be closely monitored. This hardware includes the servers, routers, switches, storage facilities, and the infrastructure equipment. […]


The Wait is Over, WPA3 is Here

  It has been rather some time since I have updated this blog, however today, I have discovered something spectacular to bring me back to it; Wi-Fi is finally getting an update! Wi-Fi has been using the same security settings and protocols for over 10 years, and through […]

End of Degree Post

  As my final semester at Bellevue University is coming to an end, I will conclude my blog with a summary of what I have discussed. Since this course focused on data storage systems, I have chosen to provide an overview of different storage technologies such as NAS […]