How to Improve a Wi-Fi Network at Home

  Setting up a Wi-Fi connection at home can be a relatively easy experience as the technology and the general knowledge of most people working with these networks has improved. However, there are multiple things one can do to both increases the performance and security of their Wi-Fi.  […]


The Many Benefits of IPv6

                Using IPv6 not only has the advantage of an increased number of usable IT addresses, but it also has several other improvements over the older IPv4. IPv6 offers more efficient routing which allows ISP’s to aggregate prefixes of their networks into a single prefix and allows them […]

Tips for Upgrading VLAN Security

VLAN technology is amazing as it offers added enhancements to networks and provides multiple pathways to run numerous services in isolated environments without sacrificing quality, availability or network speed. Many administrators and IT professionals, however, are unaware of the level of security on their VLAN. In this article, […]