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Hacking Webcams: Humorous Myth or Creepy Fact?

You may have heard in recent years the dangers of having cameras on our devices. Whether it was Mark Zuckerberg’s June 2016 picture celebrating Instagram’s achievement of hitting half a billion monthly users, former FBI Director James Comey’s interview regarding cybersecurity, or the 2010 incident in Pennsylvania where a […]


Securing Wi-Fi Networks

     The security of your wireless network is crucial in ensuring your data is well protected, and your network is operating at peak conditions. There are several easy things one can do to improve the security of a Wi-Fi system. Passwords Changing your administrator password should be […]


Overview Jetpack, an Automattic product, is one of the most impressive items I have in my content and website creation toolbelt. Its basic features are included in all WordPress.com plans; however, each WordPress plan upgrade includes more functionality. There are also paid versions of Jetpack available in multiple […]